Catering vans gas solutions

Installation, Pipework, Purging, Testing, Leak Testing, Certification (CP42)


There are certain criteria to adhere to ensure that mobile catering vehicles meet the requirements of the gas safety regulations and comply with appropriate standards. Gas Solutions Leeds are experienced in ensuring that your pipework adheres to all regulations and standards. Visual inspection and Certification.

Annual gas inspections are required by law for all commercial premises including mobile catering vans, trailers and street traders. We can provide a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect and certify as well as carry out a variety of work, if required.

Mobile Catering Vehicle Safety Check

If you are the owner of a mobile catering vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure the gas equipment is installed, commissioned and maintained by a qualified Gas Safe engineer. One way of doing this is ensuring a safety check and service has been carried out annually. Call us today to discuss how Gas Solutions Leeds can help.

CP42: Commercial Gas Safety Inspection (non-domestic)

This is a safety certificate issued annually by a registered Gas Safe engineer to cover all installation and appliances in your kitchen. Our inspection will include all gas appliances, pipework, extraction systems and gas interlock systems (if you have it fitted). Our registered Gas Safe engineers can carry out all inspections and work needed to ensure you are fully compliant.